Siber Aluminium Cladding Panels are the product of choice when panel flatness and high performance is a must. Our aluminum cladding system has been specifically engineering to exceed performance expectations, simplify the installation process and provide immeasurable customization options.


Panels can be adjusted on site to fit desired measurements. No wait times for custom sizes.


No wielding required. Our aluminum panels are fasted in place by snap-lock hardware.


Panels and caps can both be changed to any colour desired.


Panels and caps can be custom tailored to any project.


Panels have been tested for outstanding water protection. Spacers & extrusions ensure world class moisture protection.

Siber Systems – Air Canopy

Our revolutionary Air Canopy Design features a completely free hanging shelf that has no competition on the market. Unlike most competitors, Siber Air Canopy requires a single point of attachment to the wall while being able to withstand substantial weight loads. Revolutionary safety.


Chrystal Clear design with proved testing
Only wall attachments
Multiple installation purposes (windows, doors)
Optional LED lighting


The combination between maximizing visibility and minimizing frame components is what characterizes this state of the art system. With its invisible wings & frames and middle joint measuring a mere 34 inch, ApexFine frees your living spaces from visual obstructions. Whether manual or motorized, the quiet & fluid movement of the ApexFine speaks excellence, beauty and sophistication. With its wide range of solutions, ApexFine will be able to accommodate your structure’s necessities while achieving your aspired design, even with a giant hydraulic guillotine.

  • Maximum visibility and minimal frame with extensive sizes
  • Manual or motorized opening will provide a quiet & fluid experience that speaks
  • Corner units available, pushing design boundaries even further.
  • Thermal breaks provide the performance needed from the demanding Canadian Market.

Alumil S560

S560 is a robust lift & sliding system that provides high level of thermal insulation, flexibility in construction and is ideal for large openings. S560 offers flexibility given that it helps building windows & doors for small or very large spans. It offers quality constructions because of the profiles’ stiffness and enables both internal and external “framing” for a stronger connection of the profiles.

  • Smooth and easy sliding thank to the Lift & Slide mechanism as well as inox rails
  • Covers all types of sliding systems, including corner units available
  • High Levels of thermal insulation
  • Lifting mechanisms for sashes up to 660 Lb

Alumil S700

S700 is the top-ranked Lift & Slide system that represents the new negation of Alumil advanced systems. This system has been created to fully exploit wide spans with its minimal design alongside with the state-of-the-art technology. S700 distinctive and unique characteristics clearly distinguish it from the competition.

  • One of the highest performing Lift & Slide systems in the world.
  • Slide giant doors with ease using Lift & Slide technology.
  • Endless customization available, including corner units all with narrow sash of 84mm.
  • Smart water evacuation system, perform for heavy rainfalls.


The advantage of the SUNFLEX folding sliding systems is their large selection of layouts and options. Whether different glass thicknesses or asorted materials, there is the right product for every requirement. The large-scale glazing can be opened and closed comfortably by means of the interconnected panels. A transparent all-round multifunctional system with a guarantee for quality and longevity.

  • Flush aluminum construction
  • Perfectly matching components
  • Low construction depths and slim profile designs
  • Choice of inward or outward opening folding panels
  • Panel distribution and folding direction of panels freely selectable
  • Storm-proof and burglary-resistant metal fittings